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Essential Oil Pillow Spray Recipe (Nighttime Recipe below)

Needed Ingredients:

1 oz bottle (buy here)

½ tsp isopropyl alcohol (buy here)

5 drops Lavender (love this one)

5 drops cedarwood (love this one)

Distilled Water (buy here)


Step 1: Pour alcohol into bottle. Step 2: Add your essential oils you want to use. Step 3: Fill with water and shake well.


To use this: Spray on any linens and pillows before bed to help with a restful night sleep.

5 Tips to Stay Healthy and Fit


Create an exercise schedule the day before instead of leaving it to chance or waiting to “find” the time. If the last three Presidents of the United States can make time to work out every day, you can make time too!


Move beyond the boundaries of weight loss and into total fitness. Measure success by the way your clothes fit, your energy level, or your reduction in pain or stiffness, not the number on a scale.

Stick with eating plans you can maintain indefinitely. Remember that no matter how hard you’re working out, if you’re consuming too many calories, you’ll never see the muscles that lie beneath layers of fatty tissue.

Get adequate amounts of sleep so your muscles can recover. A bonus of exercise: most people who exercise regularly fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly!

Limit alcohol intake to special occasions

10 Tips to Stay Fit

  1. Keep a daily log of what you’re eating. This includes every time you grab a handful of chips here or eat the crust of your kid’s sandwich there, andall your snacking.
  2. Enjoy an occasional (once a week) “unhealthy” treat, but never an unhealthy week or unhealthy vacation.
  3. Enjoy contributing to the health of others by having a partner or friends to exercise with, as well as recruiting others who want to feel better and have more energy. Have a neighbor who’s sitting on the porch every morning when you walk by? Ask him or her to join you on your walk!
  4. Avoid monotony by taking up new forms of exercising, or using things that keep you motivated and inspired, like new shoes or great music.
  5. Subscribe to fitness magazines to keep focused on health as an overall way of life. Don’t want the extra paper cluttering up your house? Make sure to visit a healthy lifestyle blog every day (like this one!)
  6. Invest in the right tools including good shoes, and comfortable, quality workout clothes.
  7. Make it your goal to do some form of exercise 6 days a week. If your workout program is just 5 days a week, get a walk in on the other days.
  8. Don’t compare your body to those of others. Instead, love yourself as you are and just work to reach your personal best.
  9. If your diet is unbalanced, make an effort to fix that, but also consider taking a multivitamin.
  10. Work to take your exercise to new levels of intensity.

10 Tips to Stay Fit

1. Keep a water bottle with you always and drink from it often. Water should always be your drink of choice. To kick things up every occasionally, try adding lemon, lime, cucumber, or a few berries to liven up the flavor without adding significant calories.

2. Look at exercise as a pleasure and a privilege, not a burden or chore. Think positively about the changes regular exercise will produce. Rather than obsessing about your next meal, get excited about your next workout!

3. Eat well-balanced meals and remember that excess calories will turn into excess weight. No matter what the latest fad diet says, extra calories equal extra weight!

4. Limit caffeine and exposure to secondhand smoke.

5. Focus on short-term fitness goals with an emphasis on completing daily exercise.

Lemon Essential Oil Uses


#1 Help Aid Tummy Troubles

If you’re dealing with bloat and other tummy problems, lemon is a natural carminative that helps aid almost any problem. Add a few drops to a glass of water and drink for relief.

#2 Drink Lemon In The Morning

Adding a few drops of lemon to a glass of water every morning helps to cleanse your kidneys, liver, and digestive system.

#3 Natural Insect Repellent

Bugs definitely don’t like lemon! Combine with Peppermint and Eucalyptus oil to repel nasty pests.

#4 Natural Disinfectant

Add 15-30 drops of oil (amount will depend on the size of the container) to a spray bottle full of a 60/40 water vinegar solution. Use this to clean countertops, dishes, and clothing.

#5 Care For Your Hair

Lemon oil is used to eliminate dandruff, and get strong and shiny hair. Be warned that using lemon in your hair care regime may cause natural highlighting to occur.

#6 Soften Calluses

I have the most unsightly callus on my foot from a half marathon I ran. Apply lemon directly to the area a few times daily, and watch the calluses soften.

#7 Treat Yourself

Treat yourself to a relaxing night…In the bathroom! Check out this recipe from Essential Oils Are My BFF. It’s the best lemon brown sugar scrub you’ll ever try!

#8 Clean The Garbage Disposal

I don’t know about you, but my garbage disposal can get to be the stinkiest! Refresh your disposal with Epsom Salt, Purification Oil (also from Young Living), and Lemon Oil. Recipe here! 

#9 Remove Sticky Residue

Dealing with stuck on crayon or labels? Lemon oil will remove all of those, and crayon off the wall!

#10 Diffuse It

Mix with lavender (this is one of my favorite diffuser combos) to energize, uplift, and help to lessen the effects of depression.


Cold Help with Essential Oils

Essential Oils that May help relieve the Common Cold

Cedarwood – may help to break up chest congestion.

Peppermint – Treats dry coughs

Rosemary – Relieves sinus infections

Thyme – Decongest and fights infection.

Lemon – Treats throat infection

Pine – Loosens Mucus

Melaleuca – Prevent by killing the virus!

Frankincense Essential Oil -Wellness Wednesday

#1 Relax With A Bath Soak

Put a few drops of Frankincense oil into a hot bath to help combat feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Frankincense is also proven to help reduce the appearance of stress marks and cellulite. Add a cup of epsom salt for more skin purifying capabilities.

#2 Clean Your Whole Home

Add a few drops of frankincense to a bottle of diluted vinegar for a quick and easy household cleaner. Frankincense is a natural antiseptic and will disinfect and clean any area of your home. Put a few drops in a diffuser to help clean any air odors throughout your home.

#3 It’s Great for Your Teeth!

Frankincense oil makes a great addition to any oral hygiene product. It helps prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and any cavities from forming. If interested, you can make a really awesome tooth paste by mixing a few drops of frankincense with baking soda. It whitens your teeth fantastically!


You had me at hello. Add a few drops of frankincense to your face lotion. It protects the skin and helps fight against the formation of wrinkles, acne, and large pores. Believe it or not, it’s even used to heal saggy skin!


#5 Helps With Cramps

I can attest to this one! A few drops of Frankincense oil on your lower abdomen can really help with cramps caused by PMS. But that’s not all! It helps relieve symptoms of constipation and other gastrointestinal distress!

#6 Treat Scars

Remember when I said that Frankincense helped protect and heal skin? It absolutely does! Combine a few drops of oil with coconut oil and rub directly on scars, stretch marks, or any other skin wounds to help promote faster healing.

#7 Get Rid of Coughs

Without an immunization, of course! If you are having trouble “getting over” a cough caused by the flu, Frankincense can help you find relief! Drop oil into your hands and inhale directly for fast relief.

#8 Helps Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Negative Emotions

As I said previously, it was these benefits specifically that motivated me to seek out this oil. Diffuse nightly for help overcoming stress and anxiety. I’ve also carried a small bottle in my purse if I need any relief throughout the day!


10 Tips for a Better Night Sleep

#1 Read a book before bed. Unplug from screens and electronics at least 90 minutes before your desired bed time. Read a self-help book or something similar with a positive note!

#2 No caffeine after lunch time. Let your body have a break, and give it time to flush out the caffeine before its time for bed!

#3 Keep pets and kidos out of your bed. The extra movement and noise keeps you from getting a restful night sleep.

#4 Get ready for the next day the night before. Leaving you to worry less about what you must get done in the morning. Being prepared ahead of time will give you  peace of mind

#5 Use white noise. Having calming music quietly playing, or a fan running on low is generally enough to drowned out the extra noises of your home or outside. Letting you rest more peacefully!

#6 Have a nighttime routine. Our bodies young and old love and need a good schedule.

#7 Stop doing working at a minimum of 1-2 hours before bedtime. Let your mind relax from the day and not need to worry about to do’s and other projects.

#8 Avoid eating especially any heavy meals at least 2 hours before bedtime if not 3 hours. Giving your body enough time to digest its food will leaving you feeling better and less chance of upset stomachs.

#9 Take a warm bath. Give your body a chance for down time with a warm bath. As an extra benefit add essential oils like Lavender, and Vetiver.

#10 Write 10 things that you are thankful for from the day down in a journal. Having gratitude and actually writing it out can fill you with more joy and peace. Being thankful and expressing it can be very relaxing!


Fitness and Health – Friday Fun

4 Ways to Get Past a Craving!

1 – Breathe: changing your breathe can change how you feel. Longer exhalations help ese anxiety which can help ward off cravings!

2 – Think: Count your calories, see what you need vs. what you don’t need.

3 – Distraction: play a game, chew some gum, do something very different to reset your brain!

4 – Time: time your meals strategically! You can toss the normal schedule everyone says you should live by. If you don’t feel hungry…. Don’t eat.

Wellness – 5 Things to do Before you get out of bed

Express gratitude. A super simple way of starting the day mentally and emotionally stronger!

Set your intentions for the day – what is your purpose for the day, your goals, know them and conquer them!

Take 5 long deep breathes in and out. Deep breathing start the process of waking up your body, getting oxygen deep into your body and getting your brain moving.

Smile for no reason. Your hidden joy will shine through. Give it a try!

Forgive yourself for yesterday mistakes. Start the day fresh. Know you can move on and do well for whatever the future may hold for you!

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