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Make your Goals Happen

The Right Approach –

Most people will never achieve their goals, simply because their approach is to try and then give up as soon as it starts to get challenging.

Most people don’t want to do any learning, growing, or changing – let along all three.

If you’ve got a goal and you find yourself momentarily stuck – check yourself and your approach.

Are you willing to learn, grown and change?

Showing Up –

Successful living is about learning to balance your life out.

Everything you are and experience in your life is a direct result from your approach. Your approach to life is essentially your decision about what you believe to be true and how you go about your life.

Be consistent with your approach to life.

Show up, put the effort in and get your approach lined up.

Your habits don’t begin with your actions, they begin with the decisions you make and think about, agree with and reinforce every day.

Your actions need to align with your decision and thinking process – consistently.

The level of consistency you apply also makes a difference.

Expectation –

What you expect to receive in life is what you experience in life.

It doesn’t matter what you say out loud or do in action, it is the energy behind it that determines the results.

Positive Affirmations:

  • It is easy and natural for me to (your desired goal outcome, who will you be and what will you be doing)
  • (Action step for your goal) is easy for me to learn, be and do.
  • I am willing to learn, grown, and change along the way, as I (Your goal)
  • I am (positive description) and (2nd positive description) (your desired outcome)
  • I feel the relief and joy viscerally.
  • I am free to (Who you want to become)
  • I talk about (You with goal achieved) in a large, appreciative way.
  • It is easy for me to attract (your desired results)
  • Everything and everyone for what I want is lined up and rolling in.
  • My confidence shines every time I (action that relates to your goal.
  • I feel good doing (activities relating to your goal)
  • I courageously (activities relating to your goal)
  • I feel good doing (Activities relation to your goal)
  • I courageously (activities relating to your goal)


Approach + Consistency +Expectation = Goal Achieved



Business Tips – Monday Motivation

The fastest way to success is to replace bad habits with good habits. – Tom Ziglar

Pick three wins for your day!

Three things you would like to accomplish in the next 12 hours in order for you to feel like the day was a success. Make those three things happen. Make a hard choice to focus of what you focus on.

Remember- Where your focus goes your energy goes.

Now choose what you will do! The actions you take are powerfully shaped by the emotional state you are in.

Once those things have happened you can celebrate what you accomplished and then choose what to do next for your day. This may be taking care of you, or starting a small project you have been wanting to work on.

It is your choice!

Passion – Traits of Amazing Business Leaders

Are you a passionate leader? Here are a few common characteristics of amazing business leaders!

Amazing leaders are passionate people.

They believe in their company, product.

They have passion for what they are doing.

They are incredible communicators.

They cast vision

They show how important of a part you play that the company.

You know how to sandwich praise with every direction you provide.

They are resilient! A key ingredient is confidence is resilience.

Focus – you must say no sometimes. Get up, take control of your day.

Have a passion and be an amazing leader.


Organization – Part 2


Going a little deeper into how we can become best organized.

  • Picking certain days and times that we are going to do the goals that we had set out for us. So this may look like specific time blocking where we say on “Monday” from 9-10am I am going to the gym. Every Monday. OR general time blocking on Mondays from 8-10am I am working on emails, and return business phones call.
  • Being proactive and setting up these times will help you to stay focused and realize there is a light at the end of your tunnel for whatever you are working on.
  • When looking at how you want to be organized and looking at your calendar specifically it is good to set yourself up with some standards as to what you want your day/calendar/life to look like. How do these line up with your organizational goals?
  • Lastly, when organizing your life do what you can to automate as much as possible, so you can have the time to work on the things that are most important.



Organization- Part 1

Organization seems to be the one thing that so many of us want in your lives, but just keep grasping for and almost always falling out of reach.

Below I have a few tips for you on how to get it, and keep it going.

Start by making goals for the areas of your life that are important to you.

For me those areas are:

  • My mind (Spirituality)
  • My body
  • My family and lastly
  • My relationships with others

You may laugh a little at that last one but it’s important to know where you want to go with certain people in your life. Re-evaluating relationships is never a bad thing, having goals for those relationships is even better.

Secondly, a routine! Creating a routine that you can follow is so important to making organization happen in your life.

Without some routine things are chaotic and generally not organized. ;o)

Thirdly, see if you can find an accountability partner that you can share these organization plans, goals and dreams with. Someone that will daily, or weekly check in with you and see or hear about what is happening and what things look like. Note: You want some regularity in your check-ins with your partner. Otherwise you can laps, or get sloppy faster than you realize.

One of the last things that I want to talk about with organization is choosing a few things each day 2 or 3 to start that will help you to reach your organization ideal. These should be the first few things you do every morning before anything else is done!

Welcome to your journey of Organization!

I’d love to hear what some of your thoughts and ideas are on how you get started, how you conquer, and how you grow in organization!


5 Motivational Business Affirmations

5 Business Affirmations

  1. Success and achievements are natural outcomes for me.
  2. All of my thoughts, plans and ideas lead me straight to success.
  3. Opportunities and advantages comes with each door that I open.
  4. I ascend to the top.
  5. My personality is radiant with confidence, certainty and optimism.


Keeping Positivity Alive – Moments of Encouragement

What does a positive women look like?

A few things to think about:

  • we must realize that neither circumstances nor people are ever perfect! Learn to “Let it Go”.
  • be realistic in your expectations.
  • everyone is your life has a weakness, as well as strengths, as do we!
  • Be flexible and forgiving!

Learn to build on your strengths.

No better investment then to pour encouragement into our spouses and children’s lives. This reward will be priceless. Bring positivity to their lives!

It is our responsibility each day to give strength to our children and to encourage our children to help them face life’s opportunities and challenges.

proverbs 18 21



Ways to Improve your Life – #5 – Motivation Monday

#5 is don’t give up!

How to you keep yourself going when you feel like giving up?

Prayer is a wonderful and should be first go to in our lives. Speaking to God about what is going on and how you are feeling welcomes God into your situation.

Luke 18 1As we work through are struggles that are making us want to quit and give up we are gaining strength to endure, strength to move forward, and learning how to handle life in the future when it gets tossed at us.

Do you have something that always gets you down? Wants to make you give up? How do you attack it.

I am a BIG fan of list making. For some reason it just works for me. I ask myself things like -why am I feeling like quitting                                                                                                              – why am I working on this “thing” anyways                                                                                     – what does it mean to me                                                                                                                      – what will it mean if i succeed                                                                                                              – what will it mean if I choose to let it go

Generally after I answer these questions I get a better idea of what I need to do to gain strength and move forward.

Remember: the only way to truly fail is to quit.

psalm 62 6

Till next time….

Ways to Improve Your Life #4 – Motivation –

#4 is to Serve Others When You Feel Like Being Selfish

Servants heart

Have you ever found that when you are in just the pits of whatever if you can find away to serve others in some way, even something as simple as smiling and holding a door open you can actually break the grip of selfishness on your soul.

Every little thing and big thing that we can do with a servant’s heart can make our world a little different, a little better.

Also when we serve others we bring joy and peace to our own souls.

Take a small step today, and go out with a servants heart. You will be amazed and how you can bless someone, OR do it without anyone knowing it was you. (One of my favorite things to do) I just love the idea of sending someone something or doing something for someone and they never knew who did it! So fun! Give it a try and come back and tell me how you gained a servants heart.

matthew 23 11

Till next time….

Ways to Improve Your Life #3 at Faith on Friday


#3 for today is to have faith when you feel fear

How do we find the healthy balance of life? How do we live without fear creeping in?

All of us seem to have one fear or another. Some have more then others and some don’t seem to have to deal with fear at all.

What is faith?

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not see.”   Hebrews 11:1

It is the foundation for life. God wants all of us to have it.

Faith is a conscious choice that we must make. To trust in God even when life doesn’t seem to make any sense to us or maybe even to those around us.

We all seem to have fear, fear of failure, fear or success, fear of messing up etc. We have to realize that failure is truly an illusion from fear. Honestly no one ever really failed at anything. Instead what we do produces a result, maybe not a desired result but a moment that we can now learn from. Failure is a judgement that we need to wipe off of us. It comes from our fears, and what cancels out fear? LOVE.

Maybe you fear the disappointment of others.

Take a risk in your life, go discover that we truly DO NOT need the appointment, approval, etc of others. Infant when we can teach ourselves not to need this approval etc we may just find that we gain the approval from God and possibly even others that we were looking for to start with. We just needed to stop looking.

Take a step back from whatever you are fearful of and give love to yourself, to others, to our almighty God, and let him fill you back with the love your soul needs.

“Fear knocked at the door, love answered and no one was there.” -Ancient Wisdom

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