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5 Tips to Stay Healthy and Fit


Create an exercise schedule the day before instead of leaving it to chance or waiting to “find” the time. If the last three Presidents of the United States can make time to work out every day, you can make time too!


Move beyond the boundaries of weight loss and into total fitness. Measure success by the way your clothes fit, your energy level, or your reduction in pain or stiffness, not the number on a scale.

Stick with eating plans you can maintain indefinitely. Remember that no matter how hard you’re working out, if you’re consuming too many calories, you’ll never see the muscles that lie beneath layers of fatty tissue.

Get adequate amounts of sleep so your muscles can recover. A bonus of exercise: most people who exercise regularly fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly!

Limit alcohol intake to special occasions

Work From Home Ideas

Here are 5 more ways you can check out for making money at home!

Let us know what you liked or if have any we should add to the list.

#1 – Rent out extra space you have. (bedroom, basement, garage etc)

  • Check out airBNB

#2 – Invest

  • Real Estate, Stocks Etc. Do your homework!

#3 – Surveys

  • Poles and research sites

#4 – MLM Companies

  • Do your research. Don’t jump too quick. Really consider which one and why.

#5 – Physical Product Business

  • This can be expensive, but very profitable.
  • Do your research of courses to take and products to sell.

3 tip for Success

Be Conscious of your actions and reactions.

When you are more conscious in your day to day decisions you will find it easier to take the appropriate actions and have the appropriate reactions to reach your goals everyday. This allows you to have a purpose and stay true to that purpose also. When you begin to make more conscious decisions you will start to think more of your goals and if each decision will bring you closer or take you further away from your current goals.

Asking yourself things like:

-Why am I taking the time to do this?

-Why are you doing what you are doing right now?

-Does this help me reach my goals or is this just a distraction?


Start daily by:

-Writing down your goals daily.

-Create a powerful belief system.

-Invest in yourself

When writing down your goal – remember this should be done daily for many reasons. This will help you to determine what your day is going to look like. This will help you refresh what you are wanting to accomplish and what those goals exactly are. This will help you to have a more productive day. Lastly, this list of goals should not be more then 7-10 goals.

Next circle or underline the three most important goals you are going to work towards for that day. Even if it is as simply as sending a few emails to get the ball rolling on something, or finishing up a project. Take the time to do it.


Goals that aren’t written down are merely wishes. There is great power is hand writing out your goals.

10 Tips to do NOW

  1. Clean your oven.
  2. Clean out your refrigerator.
  3. Update your checkbook.
  4. Take a few pictures outside.
  5. Dust your ceiling fans.
  6. Join an online book club.
  7. Set out your clothes for tomorrows work out.
  8. Take a shower, or a nice warm bath.
  9. Read a chapter of your favorite book
  10. Write down the 3 things you want to accomplish tomorrow.

Business Tips – Monday Motivation

The fastest way to success is to replace bad habits with good habits. – Tom Ziglar

Pick three wins for your day!

Three things you would like to accomplish in the next 12 hours in order for you to feel like the day was a success. Make those three things happen. Make a hard choice to focus of what you focus on.

Remember- Where your focus goes your energy goes.

Now choose what you will do! The actions you take are powerfully shaped by the emotional state you are in.

Once those things have happened you can celebrate what you accomplished and then choose what to do next for your day. This may be taking care of you, or starting a small project you have been wanting to work on.

It is your choice!

10 Tips to Stay Fit

  1. Keep a daily log of what you’re eating. This includes every time you grab a handful of chips here or eat the crust of your kid’s sandwich there, andall your snacking.
  2. Enjoy an occasional (once a week) “unhealthy” treat, but never an unhealthy week or unhealthy vacation.
  3. Enjoy contributing to the health of others by having a partner or friends to exercise with, as well as recruiting others who want to feel better and have more energy. Have a neighbor who’s sitting on the porch every morning when you walk by? Ask him or her to join you on your walk!
  4. Avoid monotony by taking up new forms of exercising, or using things that keep you motivated and inspired, like new shoes or great music.
  5. Subscribe to fitness magazines to keep focused on health as an overall way of life. Don’t want the extra paper cluttering up your house? Make sure to visit a healthy lifestyle blog every day (like this one!)
  6. Invest in the right tools including good shoes, and comfortable, quality workout clothes.
  7. Make it your goal to do some form of exercise 6 days a week. If your workout program is just 5 days a week, get a walk in on the other days.
  8. Don’t compare your body to those of others. Instead, love yourself as you are and just work to reach your personal best.
  9. If your diet is unbalanced, make an effort to fix that, but also consider taking a multivitamin.
  10. Work to take your exercise to new levels of intensity.

Make Money at Home

Here are 5 ways you can check out for making money at home!

Let us know what you liked or if have any we should add to the list.

#1 – Start a blog.

  • Pick your niche that interests you.
  • (Lifestyle, home décor, trends, sports or travel)
  • Turn your passion into a business.

#2 – Become a freelance writer.

#3 – Install cell phone apps on your phone that you can make money with.

  • Check out SmartPanel

#4 – Test Websites

  • What users do
  • Enroll
  • User feel

#5 – Use ebates and swagbucks during online shopping.

3 Business Tips


#1 – Focus on 1 thing at a time. “He who chases 2 rabbits catches none!”

#2 – Eliminate distractions – ex social media, open door, tv on etc.

  • Purposefully eliminate distractions
  • Be strategic about phone notifications.

#3 – Take some time out to calm your mind.

  • Clean up and wrap up details. What task can you finish up so it isn’t hanging over your head anymore?


10 Practical Tips to Do NOW

  1. Wipe down and disinfect door knobs in your home.
  2. Wipe down baseboards in your home.
  3. Make a pro’s/con’s list for that big thing you have been debating.
  4. Make a meal plan for the week.
  5. Plan your next date night
  6. Think about and write down what the next 5 years look like. What will be different?
  7. Gather up all your loose change and start a change jar – what is your goal for that jar?
  8. Change the batteries in your smoke detectors.
  9. Wipe down and disinfect all the light switches.
  10. Go drop off all your donated items.

Passion – Traits of Amazing Business Leaders

Are you a passionate leader? Here are a few common characteristics of amazing business leaders!

Amazing leaders are passionate people.

They believe in their company, product.

They have passion for what they are doing.

They are incredible communicators.

They cast vision

They show how important of a part you play that the company.

You know how to sandwich praise with every direction you provide.

They are resilient! A key ingredient is confidence is resilience.

Focus – you must say no sometimes. Get up, take control of your day.

Have a passion and be an amazing leader.


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