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You might get a little about life, marriage, homeschooling, essential oils and more. I hope I will see you regularly!

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A little about me…

I married to the man of my dreams. We have been blessed with two children. We have also been blessed with the ability to not have to work out in corporate and have our own business. Its not an easy thing, but every step of the way has been wort it.

I love Jesus more than anything and I hunger to know Him more. I love being creative. Sometimes that means making something, other times that means dancing, and sometimes that means taking pictures.

I enjoy laughter, God’s word, and heart to hearts over tea with others!

It’s long been my passion and prayer to see women’s hearts transformed by the love and grace of my amazing God. I need Him so much. In fact, I’m a straight up mess most days. Sometimes I feel stuck in the mundane everyday wondering if you’re getting anything right. Thankful God is a good teacher and I am learning what I love about Jesus, and where He has me right now.

I’m so glad you are here.

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