The Right Approach –

Most people will never achieve their goals, simply because their approach is to try and then give up as soon as it starts to get challenging.

Most people don’t want to do any learning, growing, or changing – let along all three.

If you’ve got a goal and you find yourself momentarily stuck – check yourself and your approach.

Are you willing to learn, grown and change?

Showing Up –

Successful living is about learning to balance your life out.

Everything you are and experience in your life is a direct result from your approach. Your approach to life is essentially your decision about what you believe to be true and how you go about your life.

Be consistent with your approach to life.

Show up, put the effort in and get your approach lined up.

Your habits don’t begin with your actions, they begin with the decisions you make and think about, agree with and reinforce every day.

Your actions need to align with your decision and thinking process – consistently.

The level of consistency you apply also makes a difference.

Expectation –

What you expect to receive in life is what you experience in life.

It doesn’t matter what you say out loud or do in action, it is the energy behind it that determines the results.

Positive Affirmations:

  • It is easy and natural for me to (your desired goal outcome, who will you be and what will you be doing)
  • (Action step for your goal) is easy for me to learn, be and do.
  • I am willing to learn, grown, and change along the way, as I (Your goal)
  • I am (positive description) and (2nd positive description) (your desired outcome)
  • I feel the relief and joy viscerally.
  • I am free to (Who you want to become)
  • I talk about (You with goal achieved) in a large, appreciative way.
  • It is easy for me to attract (your desired results)
  • Everything and everyone for what I want is lined up and rolling in.
  • My confidence shines every time I (action that relates to your goal.
  • I feel good doing (activities relating to your goal)
  • I courageously (activities relating to your goal)
  • I feel good doing (Activities relation to your goal)
  • I courageously (activities relating to your goal)


Approach + Consistency +Expectation = Goal Achieved